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Amazon Vine: Info, Requirements and Limitations

In this guide, we summarized the information about Vine that can be found on the Amazon help pages for you.

Amazon Vine is an Amazon program that allows sellers to generate product reviews. Amazon offers buyers whose reviews have been rated especially helpful and trustworthy to become Vine members, so-called Vine Voices. Sellers who participate in the program can provide free products for Vine Voices in order to receive a review from this carefully selected group of customers.

Amazon cannot guarantee reviews and it’s not possible to reclaim products when a Vine member doesn’t produce a review. However, Amazon carefully monitors the reviewers and their reviews. Those that violate community guidelines are removed from the program.

Covid-19 Update

During the Covid pandemic, Amazon has to prioritize certain products with high demand when storing and restocking. Therefore, Vine registrations may be deactivated during these times. Amazon notifies sellers as soon as registration is possible again.


Sellers have to meet the following requirements in order to participate in Vine:

  • Seller in the Professional Sales Tariff
  • Brand registered in the Amazon Brand Registry
  • Offering qualified products with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Products have to meet these requirements in order to qualify:

  • Condition “new”
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Listing includes title, picture and description, classified in Browse Node
  • registered in the Amazon Brand Registry
  • less than 30 reviews on the product details page
  • no “adult products”
  • currently in stock
  • available during registration for Vine

Each ASIN can only be registered once for Vine - so re-registering after a cancellation is not possible. The number of listings that can be activated for Vine is limited.

You only have to pay the registration fee once the first Vine review has been published. FBA fees still apply when shipping to a Vine member.

FBA is necessary in order to protect the Vine Voices’ data and addresses. Their names are not shown in the seller statistics. Sellers are also prohibited from trying to contact the Voices.


Participation in the Amazon Vine program is not possible in the following cases:

  • Several products have to be bundled for delivery and review
  • Another product is required for the review (such as a special printer for ink cartridges or a special camera for a battery pack - cases for common smartphones are however allowed)
  • Product is not equivalent to FBA offer