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SPACEGOATS in a Nutshell

With the help of its own software, the “Galaxy”, and a central Amazon account, SPACEGOATS distributes products by manufacturers and brand owners in Germany and internationally, using Amazon’s pan-European shipping network (PAN-EU). Thereby, the administrative work that comes with an internationalization is eliminated for SPACEGOATS customers.

Selling with SPACEGOATS: How does that work?

SPACEGOATS basically lends its infrastructure for distribution and sells products of its customers via the SPACEGOATS-owned Amazon account. Therefore, costs are bundled and resources can be used more efficiently - saving sellers expenses such as Amazon fees and time taken up by handling the platform and Seller Central.

Meanwhile, customers themselves manage the creation of their product listings, product launches and advertising in the Galaxy. Handpicked partner agencies can also be called upon for professional support and better performance. Thus, customers have complete control over their own listings but get help where it is needed.

How much does this galactic fun cost?

The basic package (Selling as a Service) costs 399€ with minimum Fee at 4,9% of your GMV per month. We also offer a Full Service option at 1999€ minimum Fee per month at 8,5% of your GMV.

By selling through SPACEGOATS, all tax registrations abroad, the foreign accounting and administration that come with it are eliminated. The result: Savings of almost 1000€ plus additional setup costs - every month.

Clients' profits will be paid out in the first, at latest in the second calendar week of the following month provided that SPACEGOATS has all necessary documents. For cash flow reasons, SPACEGOATS initially retains 10 percent of the payout, as the company itself occasionally needs to make advance payments and has to wait for Amazon's payout.

What services are included in the galactic package?

The SPACEGOATS basic package (Selling as a Service) includes the following services:

  • Galaxy Software Access
  • As many marketplaces as you like
  • PPC Automation Tool
  • Proactive Service Level
  • Indirect Access to Amazon 360
  • Extended Product Responsibility
  • JIT Shipment Automation
  • Automated Review Request
  • Autoresponder
  • Communication with Amazon
  • Communication with end customers (support & inquiries)
  • Management of listings (implementing products, uploading images, changing texts upon request, etc.) No creative work is done here! Wo do not translate listings (only done by Amazon itself)
  • BidX (tool for automated PPC advertising and optimization)
  • Creation of coupon codes, lightning deals, promotions etc. upon request
  • Reports:
    • Weekly business report
    • IDQ Reports
    • Daily PPC report (setup and keyword level)
    • Sales report in real-time
    • Transactions overview
    • Stock availability

  • Product Launch Service via PPC
  • PPC Performance Optimization
  • Ongoing Competitor Tracking
  • Proactive Deals, Season Campaigns, Coupons
  • In-Depth Performance Report
  • Project and Partner Management
  • Product Recommendations
  • In-Depth Strategic Consulting and Decision-making

Additional services can be added whenever necessary. Our partner network is constantly developing and growing - a list of current partners can be found in the GALAXY at our SPACEMARKET

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