How is the commission payment for “Other services from SPACEGOATS shipping provision” and “sum of the difference between net-profit and net-sales to SPACEGOATS” put together?

For example:
Your gross sales price on Amazon is €10.00. Thus, the net sales price to SPACEGOATS is €4.50 – see question 13: (0.65*10)-2.
Your plan is to send 100 items of your product to Amazon. Therefore, you sell these items to us or charge us for them: 100 * €4.50 = €450 (net).
To make it simple we are going to assume we sold all 100 items in January. Due to e.g. quantity discounts, price changes, vouchers, etc. not every item will be sold for exactly €10.00. The real proceeds for each made transaction can be viewed in your payment overview under the column ‘profit’ (for Amazon shipments). All costs (FBA fees, VAT, Amazon sales fee, and our commission) have already been deducted.
If, for example, all 100 items were sold at an average net profit of €3.90 – a total of €390.00 – the final profit will have a difference of €60.00 from the sales price to SPACEGOATS. We will invoice you for this amount.
If the average net profit is €5.00 – a total of €500.00 – you will receive a credit of €50.00 from us.