How many items do I need to sell in order to qualify for the item fee of 0.32€?

If you sell more than 2,000 pieces a month we will not charge the basic fee for the next month. If you sell more than 3,000 pieces a month, our commission will scale down as follows:
3,000 articles: 0.45€/item
3,500 articles: 0.44€/ item
4,000 articles: 0.42€/item
5,000 articles: 0.38€/item
6,000 articles: 0.37€/item
7,000 articles: 0.36€/item
8,000 articles: 0.35€/item
9,000 articles: 0.34€/item
12,000 articles: 0.33€/item
more than 17,000 articles: 0.32€/item