Adding SPACEGOATS to your Brand Registry

In order to take care of your listings, we need to be added to your Brand Registry account. That’s the only way we can create A+ content for you and hold writing permission, for example to make necessary adjustments to your listings.

You can add and remove users from your Amazon Brand Registry at any time.

This is how to add SPACEGOATS to your Brand Registry:

Step 1:

Log into the support page of the Amazon Brand registry here:

Step 2:

In the menu, choose “Update your brand profile” and then “Update role or add new user to account”.

Step 3:

Request the role of “Registered Agent” and “Catalogue Contributor” (without an own Amazon account, it can also be “Brand Representative”) for the following email addresses: (main account)

Pay galactic attention:

Please make sure to assign the role to all email addresses listed above – so that our Customer Success Team can take care of you and your listings in the best way.