How does the SPACEGOATS onboarding process work?

Onboarding form

You will receive a link from us with your onboarding form as a Google Sheet. Please fill this out.


You will then receive the contract and all the important information about it via email. You can easily sign the contract online via SignRequest.

Email and appointment

After you have signed the contract, you will receive an email from us for onboarding. In this email you will find detailed information about the next steps and your access data for the GALAXY.

You can also use the Calendly link in the email to book an appointment for a personal meeting with our onboarding team.

Customer folder

After signing the contract, you will also receive your Google Drive customer folder. In this folder you then fill out the Product Data file. If you want us to manage the content of your listings as well, you also need to fill out the Master File for Listings.

After you have filled out both files, send us a link to the files via service request in the GALAXY.


Once we have listed your products in our Amazon account, you can plan your first shipping. The Delivery file for this can also be found in your Google Drive folder.