Use reverse flat file or reverse feed to save and backup your listing data in the Seller Central

The need for data backups spares no one – especially not Amazon sellers. It is recommended to save and back up product-related catalogue data such as listing data, dimensions, ingredients etc. regularly.

There’s an easy way to do that – if you know how to: The reverse flat file or reverse feed. This feature is not available by default in the seller central, it has to be activated by the Amazon support.

Simply open a support message with any topic and add the following text:

“Hello Amazon,
please enable the reverse flat file feature.
We would like to save our catalogue data.
Thank you!”

Usually, the relevant product information will be available after a few minutes. You can find the flat file report in “inventory” → “inventory reports” → “category report”.
Reverse flat files are issued in categories. That means you have to download a separate flat file for each category.

However, the catalog reverse feed will allow you to download information for all categories at once.

If needed, these files can then be transferred directly into an account without having to enter everything manually first.