How do I take care of the packaging licensing (myself)?

The official packaging register (LUCID) is a central office that collects information on companies, their brands and their licensed packaging quantities. This information can be requested by third parties, which is why this registration is mandatory. There are also various dual systems that license packaging quantities for a fee.
These are the recommended steps you have to take:
  • Register the company with the central packaging register LUCID as manufacturer (free of charge)
  • Maintain the brand names in LUCID
  • Register the planned quantities for the calendar year via a dual system (e.g. Reclay, recommended since this is an intuitive configurator with fair prices)
  • Enter the planned quantities and the dual system in LUCID under "Data messageโ€
  • After the end of the calendar year, report of the actual quantities to the dual system and enter them into LUCID
For all markets except the German one we can cover packaging registration for you as an additional service.