What is the procedure for the compliance check?

The following steps are necessary to complete a compliance check for your products in order to start selling in the UK.

1. Label Compliance

This first step allows our agent in the UK to review your label to check for compliance in the UK. We will get back to you with what needs to change on the label to make it compliant and if the ingredients are compliant as well, in most cases.
In some cases, we may have to send out ingredients for further investigation or apply/submit to different agencies to find out. Once the Initial Label Compliance Review has been completed, you are welcome to resubmit the revised label for a final review before launching your product into the EU marketplace.

2. Required documents

The next step is to submit a questionnaire and fill out the Product Upload Template as well as PIF forms and supporting documents for review.Β Here you can find a list of required documents.
We will provide you with the blank questionnaire.
All products and material testing certificates need to be within 3 years of issue date to be considered as compliant.

3. Review of supporting documents for compliance complete

Once approved, you will be provided with name, address, email, and phone number for the UK to be added to your product packaging and online listings as appropriate.
You will only be eligible to add the contact details as above for products that have been reviewed and approved by our agent.
It is important to add that any inspections from Trading Standards and UK authorities will always take place at the address listed on the label. The client will provide the Responsible Person with PIF form, safety assessment, label and claim review and regulatory notifications relevant to their specific regulations.

4. Sending a sample to us

You are required to send one unit of each product to our logistics and storage facility in the UK and EU for inspection and traceability purposes by law. We will expect this product to arrive within 30 days and you will be invoiced from this date.