What are the agreement annexes 1,2 and 3 for and why can I not view them directly?

Annex 1: This is a list of all your products you want us to distribute for you. We can only refer to this list after you have filled it out. We need this annex as soon as you sign the contract so it is clear from the start how we are going to act on your behalf.
Annex 2: This annex is a list of marketplaces, which you want us to sell your products or brands on. This annex must also be fixed as soon as you sign the contract. Of course, it can be extended/changed later on.
Annex 3: If your products are protected by a trademark registered at the DPMA (German Patent and Trade Mark Office) or EUIPO we need your permission to use your trademark for the purpose of distributing your products. If such a trademark exists, its representation has to be recorded in Annex 3, so we know exactly which trademark we may and must use for your products.
Unlike the GTC, which apply to all customers, the annexes are adapted individually due to your needs and wishes. Since we cannot draw them up beforehand you can only view them after we have agreed on the contents of the annexes with you.