How can a money-off-promotion be created?

You want to create a promotion with a discount to generate a code for certain customers, offer a quantity discount or something similar? We can create a money-off-promotion for you. Please provide therefore following informations:
  1. Conditions
  1. Buyer purchases: choose one of the three options (at least amount (in €) / at least this quantity of items / for every quantity of items purchased) and enter a natural number.
  1. Purchased items: Send us your SKU(s).
  1. Buyer gets: choose one of the two options (Amout off (in €) / Percent off)
  1. Valid for: choose one of the two options (Purchased Items / Additional Items)
  1. Purchases by the buyer: Depending on what you have selected under “a” and “c”, you can now define the rule here.
With a minimum amount of 100 € the buyer receives a 15% discount.
With a minimum number of 3 items, the buyer receives a € 5 discount
  1. Scheduling
  1. Start date
  1. End date
3. Additional Options
  1. Redemption code: Choose one of the options (single use - redeemable once per customer / group / none)
If desired, you can also suggest a claim code (e.g. BRAND20)
  1. (optional) Short display text
Example: ⭐Save 5% ⭐
  1. (optional) Text displayed on product detail page
Example: ⭐Save 5% ⭐ when you buy 2 of your products XY
4. Marketplaces - only possible in DE, FR, IT, ES, NL
Let us know on which marketplaces this promotion should be set up. Make sure that you include the optional display texts in the different languages.