Galaxy Update to Match the New Accounting System

In May, 2021, we updated our billing system in the course of the contract update (more info about the billing system can be found here)
From now on, the Billing Overview in the Galaxy is also up to date:
General information about the Billing Overview
The Billing Overview (formerly "Booking Overview") in the Galaxy gives you a detailed insight into the financial performance of your products and is the first place to go if you want to know how many sales you actually realized in a month. All transactions of a month that were also paid by the Amazon end customers are displayed here. In contrast, the dashboard shows all orders that could, for example, still be canceled or not paid.
Adjustments due to the contract update
Due to the contract update, both the calculation and the name of the former Spread Amount document have changed. This adjustment is now also reflected in the Galaxy. The Spread Amount is now called "Remuneration Amount" and is calculated as follows according to the contract update:
Gross sales revenue Amazon (Revenue)
Minus applicable sales tax on the sale (Revenue VAT)Minus Amazon shipping costs (Shipment Costs)Minus Amazon sales charges (Expenses)Minus storage costs for goods in stock Amazon (Storage Fees)Minus sales discount of the unit shipped to the end customers (Sales Margin)Minus the (net) purchase price agreed in electronic annex 1 (Purchase Price)
= Variable remuneration amount (Remuneration Amount)
For technical reasons, the storage costs are not included in the calculation of the variable remuneration amount at transaction level, but at the very top of the page in the final Overview. The amount that appears there as the Remuneration Amount is also the amount that will be shown as an invoice item on your "DC" document in the monthly statement for each SKU.
Useful notes about the Billing Overview
With the Export button in the upper right corner of the page you can download an Excel file with all transaction details of a month, e.g. to do your own calculations.
Under "Varento Amazon" you can expand the tabs Shipments, Refunds and Storage Adjustments as well as Remission Fees and Storage Fees to get deeper insights into the financial transactions of the respective billing month.
  • Shipments: All paid transactions are displayed with information e.g. on the achieved turnover and the incurred FBA costs. NEW: For better traceability, we have adapted the display to the calculation path and changed the order accordingly.Under "Details" on the far right of the display you will find more information about the "Expenses", i.e. the FBA fees, gift wrapping costs, etc.
  • Refunds: Here you can see all returns from end customers.The number of returned products will be subtracted from the sold quantity in the overview above to calculate your payout amount.
  • Storage Adjustments: If Amazon detects any changes in your inventory (e.g. found goods), it will be displayed here. Also your refunds for lost goods will be listed in this section.
Under "SPACEGOATS" at the bottom of the page you will see your booked services (Service Invoice "SI") and any refunds (Service Creditnote "SC") after the selected month has been billed.