How are remissions accounted for?

  1. We have credited to you the goods that you originally delivered for sale in the month of said delivery on a goods delivery credit note (GC document). These credit notes also act as an invoice from you to us, which we have to pay accordingly.
  1. Usually, it's the rule that these goods are sold on Amazon and we subsequently pay you our purchase price of the sold goods.
  1. In the case of a return, the same rule applies as a start: We have to pay the prices listed on the credit note for the returned goods. This is done in the regular payments at the beginning and middle of the month.
  1. As of now, we would have returned the returned goods to you and additionally paid the purchase price to you. Of course, we cannot pay an additional purchase price for goods that were returned to you. Accordingly, you must transfer the amount already paid by us back to us. This is the only way to have goods correctly accounted for that were originally delivered to sell but then returned to you. The amount to be transferred back will then be claimed either via your DC document or, if you have terminated your contract with SPACEGOATS, via a GI document.