How is the selling price of the products that I am selling to SPACEGOATS made up?

You have to sell the goods we distribute for you to us first.
Usually, we use the following formula for the sales price: 65% of the RRP minus € 2.00. The VAT as well as the sales fee to Amazon are already deducted in this formula. The € 2.00 are the FBA fees.
The sales price to us is a value for accounting only. The reason for that is because the sales price to the end customer may differ from the sales price you sold your product to SPACEGOATS due to quantity discounts, vouchers, price changes, etc.
As soon as your product is sold to an Amazon end customer we will pay out the actual amount made through the sale to you. For example, you sold your product for €10.00 to us and it was then sold for €14.00 to the Amazon end customer, so we will also pay out the additional amount of €4.00 to you as well. However, we will also charge a fee of €0.50 for each shipped contract product which will be deducted from your profit.