How does the US compliance check work?

We request the following information from you:
  • Live pictures of the products and packaging
  • Accompanying documents
  • Flyers/ Inlays
  • Instructions for use
  • Product-specific compliance documents, technical data sheets, test reports, lab tests, certificates, etc.
  • ASIN/ listing details
  1. you submit the relevant legal requirements, standards and guidelines for your product.
  1. we review the specifications of your product and ensure that all requirements are met, using technical data sheets, test reports and certificates as evidence.
  1. during the compliance audit, we create a report that summarizes the compliance status of your product and identifies potential areas for improvement. For the Quick Check, you will only receive an i.O or n.i.O. (go or no go)
  1. you take corrective actions if problems are identified during the check. These may include product design changes, additional testing, etc.
  1. we request proof of implementation.
If you have any questions about the report or actual implementation, you can book a consultation appointment with the SPACEGOATS Compliance Department.