What is the launch procedure in the USA? Do I have a contact person?

For the start with SPACEGOATS x kdglobalusa, you will have multiple points of contact. You can also open tickets on various topics through the Galaxy at any time. In a kickoff meeting, we will explain the next steps and guide you through them step by step.
  1. Understand SPACEGOATS.
  1. Calculate margins for your products.
  1. Select products to be sold in the USA.
  1. Compliance check.
  1. Register the brand with the USPTO (we have partners who can help if needed!).
  1. Produce new labels/packaging/products.
  1. Signing of contract.
  1. Access to Galaxy.
  1. Onboarding and kickoff with kdglobal.
    1. Get to know Galaxy.
    2. Create products in kdglobalusa.
    3. Receive PPC BidX access.
    4. Create delivery plan and import goods to the USA (pre-FBA Atlanta).
    5. Finance onboarding.
  1. Get paid profits.