What other costs will I incur?

  • Compliance Check (from 400€/ ASIN)
  • Laboratory testing (if needed, depends on the product)
  • Product customization (For new packaging, other adjustments)
  • Amazon sales charges USA (8% - 15%)
  • Product storage and shipping
  • pre-FBA (kdglobalusa)
  • Import fees
  • Customs duty
  • Trade tariffs
  • SPACEGOATS sales commission (6,5% of revenue made)
  • advertising costs (we calculate with 10% TaCos, but this might be more, if you want to: 20%)
In our Magic Sheet you can find all costs listed and use them to calculate your margins. It is important to check which individual costs you will have to pay for selling in the USA. We are happy to assist you with this.